Glass from the Past




Coming Soon....

Working on some molds of Glass from the Past, the parts you read about and seen in countless magazines the fiberglass parts you wanted to Customize your Vette will once again be available again and some new ones for the person who wants to set his Vette apart from all the others, take a LOOK........





Fiberglass that itchy, sticky, smelly stuff that not too many people like to work with, can ( when done right) be made into anything you can think of, and here are just a few examples of parts i have made.....



The skirts I make are gel coated black, then 3 layers of 1 1/2 ounce mat is hand laid using High Quality polyester resins, the gel coat is so clean that if you had a black car all you have to do would be to compound the gel coat to get a mirror finish. here are a pair of Tear Drop skirts and a pair of Box skirts. Other skirts are Bubble skirts, Cruiser skirts and Merc skirts.




Indian style fenders:

I made the molds for these fenders from an original pair of NOS 1947 Indian fenders, I filled in all holes and opening on the fenders, I was going to make different kits to fit many style bikes but never got that far with them, so I made them universal fit, the fenders can be made to fit just about any type of bike. I can also make them wider if you like, stretch the backs down, sink in Kustom tail lights or license plate, any thing can be done, all I need to know is what you are looking for.        

The fenders come in black gel coat but  I can use any gel coat color you like, then 3 layers of 1 and 1/2 once mat is hand laid in, you can even use the original Indian side chrome it fits perfectly in. E-mail me for price quotes and any other ideas you have.



                                             Front Indian style fender in Black Gel coat


                     A pair of painted fenders I made for display at shows



c           Here are a few different styles of indian fenders made to order

Kustom Saddle Bags:

OK what's better then having one of my Kustom made fiberglass Indian fenders?, well a set of Kustom made saddle bags to go with them, lately I have been making Kustom one-of saddle bags they are standard bags changed to fit any style you can think up, this is a set of bags that have been changed to resemble tail fins on a 57 Chevy, take a look, like what you see/, have a set of bags you want Kustomized?, e-mail me and let me know what your looking for,



3-D Skull Cap Biker Helmet: 

3-D Skull cap made out of fiberglass (What else !) made to fit over any standard skull half cap helmet or full size helmet, or pretty much any helmet, they are light weight and can be airbrushed in any way you like, bonded on the helmet DOT or Non DOT, which ever you prefer.  



Batmobile Batphone replica:

HOLY replica Batphone!!!!!  Batman, could it be an exact replica of the Batphone that is in the Original 1966 Batmobile???  Yes Robin it's true and better yet you can get them non-working or working to hook up to your house phone line so everyone an call us in time of need POW Boff Bam   key pad for the phone is hidden under the custom made Bat insignia



3-D Skull Helmet


What can I say, I make hockey goalie helmets for a friend of mine and one Halloween I had one mask left over so i was going to airbrush a skull on it and thought it would be Kool to have a 3-D looking helmet so a little glass and resin and plastic later and there you have it a 3-D Screamin skull helmet, made a mold Copyrighted it and the rest is history, it will also work on motorcycle helmets, "KOOL MAN"


Well Kats this is a small sample of the things I make out of Fiberglass I'll be adding more pics as I go along, if you want to see what i do with Fiberglass during the day, check out "my day job" under the "Eyeball John" Link,      Later Kats got to go and Kreate