"Wrap your ass in Fiberglass" (remember that saying?).  Well I wouldn't, you'll be awfully itchy if you did; but if you like Corvettes and restoring them to, then you will like these next couple of pages

During the day I work at "Corvette Repair" in Valley Stream NY, one of the Top Corvette Restoration shops in the country, (dare I say World) for one of the foremost Leading Corvette experts in the field, Kevin J. MacKay (Man if that isn't a KISS UP I don't know what is !!!)Well, any way, during the day I'm a mild-mannered fiberglass flinging, panel gluing, urethane/lacquer spraying, Corvette restorer and here are some pictures of some of the work I do at the shop.  Follow along as I rip apart a '60 Vette and put it back together.

I'll be adding more pics of work done at the shop and other pages dealing with fiberglass repair and restoration soon.



Here is the car when it first came into the shop, what a mess !, the car arrived with another complete rear section laying on top of the car and box's of parts everywhere. Where do I start?  The back half of the car was so far gone that it wasn't worth saving.   The rear clip that came with it was a little better, but not by much.  So the rear section was put up on a horse and completely restored before cutting the car in half and glassing it back together, but not before replacing the inner steal rocker panels (which fell apart upon removal).  The nose was changed along with the inner fenders and hood. The only thing used from the original car were the two doors, trunk deck & lower front section of cowl.


I spent many months fiberglassing every crack, hole and seam  with fiberglass mat and resin.  All the panels were fitted, blocked sanded, then the car was sprayed with a polyester primer to seal the fiberglass and then blocked down and sprayed with a urethane primer sealer which was also blocked down.  Then the car was sprayed with a single-stage black urethane paint.  Then, once again, wet sanded and compounded.



Well there you have it from junk yard car to show car.  Can you believe this is the same car?  Well it is.  It was a lot of hard work but the results are worth it. This is just one example of the first class work that is preformed at Corvette Repair.

Coming SOOOON     More tips on restoring your Vette plus look for the restorations on 3 Phase 3 GT motion Corvette's


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