I've been painting flames since 1975 when I bought my first airbrush and a book from Metalflake company called "The Art of Custom Painting". flames were always my favorite type of design to paint; since then I've painted every type of flame you can think of--Fat, Long, Thin, Ghost, Tribal and everything in between.                                   

I like to call this section "it worked for me", follow along with the pictures to see a brief "how to" on how i painted flames and checker boards and other graphics on my '82 Suburban.


  Pic. #1 - The truck was wet sanded with 1000 grit wet sand paper, then wiped down with a good grade wax and grease remover.  most of the time I will draw the flames out with a white pencil until I get the look I want the flame to have.  then tape over the pencil marks with 1/4 inch blue fine line tape (you can skip drawing with white pencil and just tape the flame out using the 1/4 inch tape).  I like drawing them out first, you use less tape and you get a better idea of what the job is going to look like.  if you don't like what you see, just rub the pencil off with your finger and redo it.    


  Pic. #2- Once the flames were taped up with 1/4 fine line tape, I laid out the pattern for the checker board, drew the lines to show where the boxes would be, then removed the tape.  It was easier for me to do it this way so i could see how the flames would flow over the checker board.  

Pic. #3-flames are taped off with 3/4 inch tape, then 2 inch tape, then masked off with paper so no over spray would get on the rest of the truck.                                                                                                      


Pic. #4-Flames are based out in bright yellow, then the edges are fogged in with orange and red, flames can be painted in as many different colors as there are different shape flames; so pick the ones that work best with your vehicle. After the flames dried, I taped them up and taped out a 3-D effect about 1 inch wide on the side of the flames to give them some depth (this was painted in a darker orange color).           

Pic. #5 -When the 3-D effect was dried, that also was tapped over so now i could tape out all the boxes that were going to stay black, so only the boxes that were going to be painted white were exposed and believe me THAT WAS A LOT OF TAPING.  When that was done, I sprayed white base and then sprayed a couple of coats of red pearl over that.                                     


Pic. #6 -Once that was dried, all tape was removed.  The hole nose was wiped down with wax and grease remover to remove any tape residue and pencil marks.  Then 4 coats of urethane clear was applied, paint cured for 2 days then was wet sanded with 1200 wet sand paper and plenty of soapy water.  Then compounded to a mirror  finish.       

Pic. #7-Well this is what the hood of the truck looked like when done.   Not Bad if I do say so myself,. Now check out the pictures to see how the side designs were applied to the truck.



Side Graphics:


Side graphics were done the same as the flames,--1/4 fine line tape was used to tape up design,.  Then 3/4 and 2 inch tape was used to fill in any gapes and protect each color from over spray as each color was sprayed. 


All  graphics on the side of the truck was sprayed using water based paint, clear coated in urethane, wet sanded and compounded.


                                                                   My 82 Chevy Suburban "KOOL MAN"

Airbrush Art:


Here are a couple of examples of flames--the first is yellow pearl with a 3-D effect over checker boards.  The next, is yellow and orange Tribal flames over a red tank

                  This is a Tear Drop skirt I airbrushed for the Rat Fink Party 2000                  



Skateboard Decks:


Here's a pair of skateboard Decks, Rat Fink with flames (what else!) and Flaming Eyeball over checker board.  Notice Rat Fink is Holding the Flaming Eyeball board "KOOL MAN",                                                                                  

Skateboard decks are 31 inches long by 8 inches wide, made with 7 ply USA grown AAA rock hard maple, deep concave shape and front and rear lifts keep your feet glued to the board "KOWABUNGA DUDE". Decks are Kustom airbrushed in many different styles and colors-- pricing starts at $75.00 on up.



Here's a deck I just airbrushed and sent out to LA to Moldy Marvin  for the 2nd annual Rat Fink Party/ Tribute to Ed Roth to be auctioned off for local charities.                                                           

This was done in memory of "Big Daddy" and all his inspiration he has given me.



Slot/ RC Cars



But of course, I paint slot and RC cars.   Here are a few examples, they are 1/32 in scale lexan bodies, airbrushed and hand painted--pricing starts at $30.00 on up according to amount of time airbrushing, pictures of RC bodies, coming soon.

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