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I have been making Custom shifter knobs for over 21 years now, ever since Ed" Big Daddy" Roth and I sculpted the large Flying Eyeball together, Ed looked at the sculpture and said to me "you know you should make a smaller shifter knob in the same shape ", and that's what got the ball rolling ( Eyeball that is) so the Flying Eyeball shifter knob was born. Then I wanted to make a skull shifter knob but did not want it to look like any other skull knob out at the time, after some research I realized  that there was only one basic skull shape available with no character, I wanted to make something different with Plenty of CHARACTER, my skull knobs were the first to have an open mouth  Screamin out "LOOK AT ME".and to have Pistons and Gears Bulging out of the noggins, Poppin Eyes and Brains falling out, Top Hats and so on, Shifter knobs with ATTITUDE,  all my designs are ORIGINAL and COPYRIGHTED

 I sold many Custom Shifter Knobs on E-bay over the last 20 years and like most things that are original and selling on E-bay everyone got into the act selling Custom shifter knobs styled after mine,  I just wanted to make clear that my shifter knobs have been around for awhile and are original designs and MADE Right Here in AMERICA.

All the shifter knobs I make are cast in a Space Age resin,  airbrushed in Kustom colors and clear coated, others are hand painted and airbrushed and  each one is made one at a time, no two are the same each one is given INDIVIDUAL DETAIL.

 Kustom "one of a kind" shifter knobs can also be made, have one in mind that you would like to have created ?, drop me an E-mail at

Not just shifter knobs, but a work of Art in miniature.                                                                                 

To find out the story behind how my little Kustom Kreatures came about, click on the link "Eyeball John".

Thanks for LOOKIN

   Here are some of my Shifter knob Kreations: 


 Flying Eyeball shifter knob...$50.00
 Evil Eye shifter knob $40.00
 Screamin Skull shifter knob...$30.00
 Screamin Skull Poppin Eyes...$35.00
 Screamin Skull Piston Head...$35.00
 Screamin Skull Gear Head...$35.00
                The Unexpected Tiki      $50.00
 Devil Head shifter knob...$40.00
 Shifter brains shifter knob...$40.00
 Screamin Skull Ruby Eyes...$25.00

Hog Wild shifter $50.00

Eddie shifter knob $50.00

NEWS         FLASH
 Top Hat Skull shifter...$40.00
   The Wild One shifter knob...$40.00
 Screamin Indian Skull shifter knob...$40.00
 Tribal Skull...$40.00
 Mean Eyes shifter knob...$35.00
    Shifter Brains Shifter Knob with light up eyes and brains, a mini 12 volt light is mounted inside the skull, hook up to any 12 volt source, dash lights, brake lights or buy two and use them for turn signals there are endless possibilities, LIGHT UP THE NIGHT.







One of Kind Shifter Knobs:

I can also make you a one of a kind Shifter knob, just let me know what your looking to have made, just look at these pics of Jim who is a Huge Kiss, Gene Simmons fan and Impersonator and wanted a shifter knob that looked like his favorite Demon.




                   You can check Jim out on his site



Here are two other Kustom knobs made for Wess who contacted me and said he just picked up a limited edition Transformer Camaro and wanted 2 one of a kind shifter knobs made for his car, the first is a knob in the shape of Bumblebee and another with the Autobot logo on it.









Here are a few more Custom made Shifter Knobs



This Knob was made using a picture, this was the airbrush art on a motorcycle tank, the owner wanted a Custom shifter knob to match




This Knob was also made using the art work airbrushed on a tank of a motorcycle



Super Bee Scat Pak shifter knob



Here is another version of my Flying Eyeball Shifter Knob


Bought the shift knob off ebay then bought the bike in boxes the shift knob was the whole inspiration for the project






NEW TIKI shifter knob :

Somewhere in the South Pacific, south of the Hawaiian Islands, and just east of Tonga , there lies an island, not shown on any modern map, but the natives on near by islands call it Koolalukie. Turquoise water surrounds a lush tropical forest and mountain ranges thought to be uninhabited at first but not so; it’s here that our story starts.  A recent expedition to this island not only found what remains of a primitive native Kulture form the past but also turned up a find so unbelievable, so outstanding, so magnificent,  that it could not be kept a secret.  A huge tiki idol had been unearthed, maybe by a fierce storm that had past by the area not to long ago, how ever it happened is not of importance what is, is that it was found , the news of it just reached the main land today, no one could believe there ears when they heard that a huge carved idol by the name of “KoolKaraLukie”(KOOL-KAR-A-LUKIE) the god of all Kustoms was discovered, Prof. A Gasser leader of the expedition made a deal with chief Koolalukie ( I think for a bunch of Big Daddy Ed Roth models, some glue and a genuine Rat Fink ring) to take back smaller versions of the Great KoolKaraLukie to sell to all who have a Kool Kustom Kar or a Hot Rod from Hell, use them as shifter knobs or just stick them to your dash board, where ever you put them they are known to bring Koolness to all those how have one , available in Monkey wood brown, Jade green and Lava Red, since the discovery other KOOLKARALUKIE have been spotted, (check the pictures)  this is where our story ends for now, with Prof. A Gasser looking back at the Huge KOOLKARALUKIE on the beach and turning to his two partners Drag Nut and Mother’s Worry saying to them I can’t help wonder why is his tongue is hanging out??????? And why he looks so familiar to me???? Until next time when the three explorers return to the Island to search the cave of the Flying Eyeballs.  


I wanted to sculpt a shifter knob other then a skull this time, so what else goes with Hot Rods and KOOL Kustoms but a TIKI knob. I also wanted to keep it in a "Roth" style so after looking at many pictures of carved Tiki idols and keeping in mind Mr. Gasser I came up with this little guy, there are 3 styles to choose from: Monkey wood Brown, Lava Red and Jade Green, Price on any of the Tiki knobs are $35.00 each


Surf Tiki :

That's right yet, another couple of Tiki style shifter knobs fresh from the Lava molds, Surf Tiki and Moai Surf Tiki are the latest shifter knobs to emerge from that scary place ( the Garage) or what I like to call Eyeball's Kustom Korner, just over 5 inches tall by 2inches wide and 1 1/2 inch deep, available in many colors, they say the more Tikis you have the better the vibe in your universe is ( sounds Good to me) check em out. $25.00 each



New Tiki Shfter Knobs for June 2010 

Just finished 3 NEW knobs for summer of 2010, The Unexpected Tiki, Voo Doo Shrunkin Head and Double Ku.



              $50.00                                    $40.00                                    $40.00

This Just in:

Something new Limited Edition Candy Apple Transparent shifter knobs, a limited number of Candy Apple shifter knobs are now being made DON'T DELAY owning one of these HOT Glowing shifter knobs. $20.00 each


Hold on Kats, more on it's way.